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58% of workers over 55 are yet to explore pension options?

Nearly three in five (58 per cent) of the older workers yet to access their pension had not yet begun researching their options. ***(Source The Express 21st Sept 2018)

Experts say the introduction of pension freedoms which allow people earlier access to their pots mean savers have to be more involved with their money. The flip side of the flexibility offered by pension reform is that we are all now responsible for making sure our pension pots will last through our retirement.

As a nation we are not spending enough time thinking about this and how we want to use our pension. This is true both before and in retirement.

Planning retirement is a challenge and maybe not as much fun as buying a car or remodelling our bathroom, but it is important.

We need to spend time on this vital task or we run the risk of not having enough money to last, or our investments not giving us the return we want.

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