It is fundamental that anybody in the UK with a pension seek advice from a regulated Financial Advisor to assess the pension every 12 to 18 months. This is due to pension freedoms which now gives you greater control of your pension, the impact on your pension following the decision to leave the EU and hidden pension fee’s & charges resulting in up to 10 million UK pensions*** under-performing or at worst losing money.***Source - The Independent - Don't Ignore the Retirement Warning.

We offer an Holistic No-Cost No Obligation Regulated Assessment of your Pension carried out by a Financial Advisor that will be fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Will you have enough to retire?

What if you don't?

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Have you received unsolicited calls out of the blue asking about your pension? Spoken to multiple people but still have no idea if you really have a pension that is right for you?


You may have even used Pension Wise, the impartial government-backed initiative for guidance on pensions. But what about actual advice?


At Prime Money UK we make the process as simple as possible. We complete a three minute simple fact find,that will enable you to have access to our network of FCA Regulated Pension Advisors, which will consider your lifestyle when working out how much you’re likely to get in retirement. All you have to do is find a pension statement from any year and let us know who your pension providers are to help us get started on your no-cost pension assessment.

No Obligation Free Pension Assessment

We all like peace of mind and when it comes to our retirement, arguably, nothing could be more important. Hopefully your pension savings are working well for you but what if they’re not?

An underperforming pension pot can leave you with much less in retirement than you expected. A pension scheme that doesn’t allow you the access you expected can give you much less flexibility. A pension scheme with high charges can see your savings slip away.

Our initial, no obligation free pension assessment is designed to tell you both what’s not working for you and what is working well. Our Financial Advisors will talk you through the new options offered by the pension freedoms (2015). If you are a member of a final salary pension (Defined Benefit) pension scheme we will discuss the potential advantages of a pension transfer and the risks.

We will approach your existing provider, gather all the details, analyse your situation and then provide you with a full report.

If we think we can improve your current situation… we will tell you in the report.

If we think we can potentially help improve your retirement prospects.… we will tell you.

If we don’t think we can do a better job and that your retirement is heading in the right direction… we will tell you that too. Get in touch and we will determine if we can improve your current situation, we operate across the U.K.

Start your initial, no obligation free pension assessment now! Just send us a few details and we’ll be in touch. 

Pension Questions ?

Is my pension growing as it should be?

Another common question for a lot of savers, and rightly so.

You need to be sure that your pension is performing in the right way for you, growing as you are expecting it to, but without taking undue risks that don’t match your own approach.

We can help you to discuss and analyse your current pension and then to potentially make any changes that could improve your position. If your current pension is working for you in the best possible way then that’s great, and our free pension review will put your mind at rest.

Should I take advantage of the new pension freedoms?

A common question since the pension freedoms came into force in April 2015.

The new pensions freedoms have the potential to allow you to access your savings in a much more flexible way, but they also come with risks.

We’ll look at your situation and give you some guidance on whether the pension freedoms might be for you, or not, and whether your existing pension provider will be able to satisfy your requirements.

How much do I need to save into my pension?

This is a key question for many people close to retirement. You’ve saved hard all of these years, so what can you expect for your later life?

We’ll talk to you about what your hopes are for your retirement and look into your options for affording your desired lifestyle. We’ll also be able to discuss the difference any changes we could make will have on you from a practical standpoint: what will they mean to your retirement lifestyle and income?

When can I retire?

Another very common question for retirees and one that we can help you to answer.

Your retirement date can depend on a lot of factors: do you intend to completely finish working, or are you going to go part-time, or even volunteer? How are you planning on spending your time in retirement and how much income will you need? Do you have the option to take early retirement and are there any financial penalties involved?

We’ll help to talk you through the options and arrive at a place where you can see your retirement not just as a vague future situation, but a specific date on the calendar.

Is my pension value for money?

Pensions often come with a range of charges that can ultimately affect how much income you receive when it becomes time to draw an income from your savings.

We’ll look at the charges your current pension entails and what benefits you receive as part of these charges. We can also compare these across the market to see if your pension is value for money when compared with the available alternatives.


Use this service to find contact details for:

Your own workplace or personal pension scheme or someone else’s scheme if you have their permission.

This service can help you find a lost pension.

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